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Welcome to Adtrack -Employee tracking app

Helps you track your sales/field employee's GPS tracking and day activities in real
Great Support
  • Adtrack helps you track attendance of your sales employee, their location using GPS.
  • You can also track their daily movement, visit details, meeting time and sales order they have got,all in real time.
Without Adtrack
  • I never know where employees are
  • Impossible to plan and schedule visits
  • Manual order processing is slow, unreliable
  • No way to check attendance and visits done
User Friendly
  • I know where our sales employees are
  • I can assign work to the sales employee
  • Online ordering helps quick processing
  • It is easy to calculate working hours
  • Dynamic work allocation using maps
  • Automatic reports of places visited & duration
  • Central & Customizable backend web portal


The Adtrack is way better than that spreadsheet you're using!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

More About us

ADTRACK employee tracking app designe by professional. ADTRACK helps to encourage the performance of Business.
All our professionals are experts in developing user-friendly application.

We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" We tell them,hopefully: we do amazing things.We help solve big challenges.
Technically complex, mission-critical challenges. That's what we do.